Needles for Great Skin…

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Did you know that one of the hottest trends in Hollywood has actually been around for hundreds of years? What is it you ask? Medical needling known today as micro-needling. Imagine a square stamp with needles…no thank you! Thankfully we’ve come along way. The new elegant device is automated with 11 micro needles that vertically stamp the skin at high speed. The tip of the device is slightly bigger than a small pearl. It is controlled and precise, and most importantly it is safe. It creates micro injuries to the skin, stimulating new collagen production. In doing so, it tightens, lifts, and rejuvenates the skin, improves wrinkles and fine lines, stretch marks, acne scars and surgical scars. Let’s not stop there! Do you know that your body naturally produces something that can rejuvenate your own skin? Isn’t that incredible? More incredible is that it is effective. It’s called PRP (platelet rich plasma). It’s a simple blood draw. The blood is spun down, then a small amount of blood that has a high concentration of platelets and growth factors is harvested. I will use the PRP as serum to help glide the needling device, and at the same time PRP will be pushed down into the channels, like “fertilizing grass”. As a result, the PRP treatment improves wrinkles, creates smoother skin, tones, tightens, lifts, and rejuvenates the skin. It’s great for stretch marks, and it reduces acne scars as well as surgical scars.

Does micro-needling hurt?

It depends on the area being treated and the aggressiveness of treatment. There can be some slight discomfort during the procedure. I don’t want you to feel that though. A topical anesthetic cream is applied. It takes the edge off!

Do I have to have PRP?

We suggest that you pair them together, but if you’re nervous when it comes to drawing your blood, don’t worry, you’ll still have great results! I often tell patients to compare it to going to the gym and working out. You would get good results, but if you have a great diet and you’re going to the gym, you have excellent results.

What will I look like when I’m done?

If you have had the treatment with PRP, you will leave with a red face. It is recommended that you do not cleanse your face for 4 to 6 hours. I joke around and say it looks like a tomato mask. Micro-needling alone will look like you have spent the day in the sun, and you will be slightly red.

What is the downtime?

It can be anywhere from 24 hours to three days. Your skin will be pink with minimal swelling. You also may feel a little sensitive in areas. Similar to a windburn.

Can I have micro-needling done anywhere on the body?

Face neck and chest are popular but I have treated loose skin around elbows and knees. It’s phenomenal for the eyelids! I can go right to the lash line. It also works well for scars from breast augmentation and tummy tucks. The possibilities are endless.

How many treatments do I need and how long does it take?

I recommend 3-6 treatments three to four weeks apart. Start to finish; the treatments take less than an hour. The needling itself takes about 15 minutes.

Every patient is unique here at the Center for Aesthetic Surgery. Call and book your appointment today. We will come up with a plan together. Consultations are complementary and recommended. My true passion is to help you achieve your skincare goals. I work alongside Dr Yardo Ducic. He often recommends micro-needling and it’s personally one of his go-to treatments. He has made comments to me stating that his skin looks fresh after a treatment. I believe in maintaining your skin by stimulating your collagen. Micro-needling is just one way to firm and rejuvenate your skin for a more youthful appearance. When you commit to good skincare at home, I believe it’s one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Also important, is being consistent with treatments. The outcome can be phenomenal! Beautiful skin is just around the corner, and just in time for the holidays. Let me help you start planning now.